Employee Welfare

We promote a culture of discipline and well-being towards personal and professional growth and provide equal opportunities.

Continuous Education

Halsangz maintains a regular schedule and training programs to ensure continuous education of our employees. This allows us to keep the best quality of our work, resulting to quality products and services.

PROCESS REVIEW.   A regular activity which aims ensure that our operators are updated of the process revisions, improvements and counter measures to maintain the quality of our products.

SKILLS TRAINING.   To boost performance and efficiency level and provide personal growth to our employees, we continuously provide trainings to our employees.

QUALITY LEVELLING.   A regular evaluation of our inspectors ability and accuracy in checking product quality to the maintain the level of our standard.



Promoting physical fitness among our employees through participation in activities like the Fun-Run and other sports competition.

Regular checking of our employees health through our annual physical examination.

Aside from our regular Flu and Pneumonia vaccination, we likewise, participate and promote covid-19 vaccination.



Fitness and Health

As our way of keeping the high productivity of our employees and keep a happy work-life, we have set programs and activities to help maintain their physical fitness and health.